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Articles about famous paintings that are exhibited in museums, owned privately, or described in books.

9 The Famous Artist Sir Claude Francis Barryby mistyhorizon2003 (1,664 followers)

Sir Claude Francis Barry was born in 1883 and trained as an artist in St Ives under Alfred Bast and in the Newlyn School of realist paintings. This article tells his story and how he came to paint my Mother...

EDITOR'S CHOICE59 A Venetian Romance, Venice in Art and Paintings,by Amanda Severn (805 followers)

The Doge's Palace by Pierre Auguste Renoir, 1887 I first fell in love with Venice on a hot, humid August day. I stumbled off the train with my rucksack and followed the noisy, crowds as they chattered and bantered in...

EDITOR'S CHOICE0 Rogier Van Der Weyden: Descent From The Crossby Music-and-Art-45 (187 followers)

Descent From The Cross is an early Flemish painting by Rogier van der Weyden that depicts Christ being taken off the Cross after he was crucified.

Van der Weyden was a highly accomplished painter that was able to use...

2 Prisoners Exercising by Van Gogh an Analysisby wanderingmind (8 followers)

A Captive's Painting of Prisoners


brick walls rise out of the shadows, reaching toward a sky and sun that lie far

out of frame in Vincent Van Gogh's, Prisoners Exercising. Set in a small


1 Top 10 Famous Paintings of All Timeby Jaimin

The world possesses many art-works established as the masterpieces. And every masterpiece has its followers and admirers. Moreover, maybe the paintings could have greater or lower price tags on them, but their artistic...

EDITOR'S CHOICE57 Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia)by Daisy Mariposa (738 followers)

Go on a virtual tour of The State Hermitage / Federal Cultural Institution, the largest of the more than 200 museums in St. Petersburg, Russia.

EDITOR'S CHOICE2 The 7 Deadly Sins and the Four Last Thingsby sweetypie1968 (42 followers)

Darn the end of the world is upon us, and it's too late to "party like it is 1999"! Well, you can still have a little fun learning about the torture your soul will endure if you have been guilty of...

83 Top 10: World's Most Expensive Paintingsby WHoArtNow (347 followers)

Every wondered what over $1 billion looks like in art? Well here's the list! The top 10 most expensive paintings includes both auction and private sales to give you the most complete list on the internet.

0 Hugo Van Der Goes: Portinari Altarpieceby Music-and-Art-45 (187 followers)

The Portinari Altarpiece is an Early Renaissance painting by Flemish painter Hugo Van Der Goes. The painting depicts a Nativity scene on three panels.

0 Venus of Urbino: this Beautiful Nude Is a Trifle?by Massimo Viola (20 followers)

The Venus of Urbino, probably Titian's most famous nude, was defined a "trifle too strong" by Mark Twain. However, this painting was intended as the gift of a husband to his teen bride to educate her...

EDITOR'S CHOICE91 Vincent van Gogh's Irisesby Daisy Mariposa (738 followers)

As I look over my right shoulder as I'm typing this, out into my front garden, I see Vincent van Gogh's irises -- they're my irises, Persian irises, but they look like the ones in van Gogh's...

EDITOR'S CHOICE40 Art Heists, Art Thieves, and Famous Missing Masterpiecesby Dolores Monet (2,753 followers)

The rise in the price of art has created more criminal interest in the theft of art. Art theft is an old crime that robs society of its cultural treasures. Article features some of the greatest art thefts in history.

0 The most famous american paintingsby peterstreep (1 follower)

The most famous American paintings made by artists in the 20th century have made there mark inside the USA as outside. The American art scene had a great influence after the second world war.

17 How to Appreciate Rembrandt's Night Watchby watcher by night (67 followers)

"The Militia Company of Frans Banning Cocq", by Rembrandt, 1642 (also known as "The Night Watch" Two words: In person. If you try to appreciate Rembrandt's painting indirectly, by viewing a photo...

37 Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" in Milan, Italyby Nicole Pellegrini (126 followers)

One of the most recognizable works of art in the world, Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" is a must-see while in Milan, Italy. But getting in to see it can be difficult without advance planning!

EDITOR'S CHOICE0 Andrea Mantegna at the Court of Gonzaga Marquis of Mantuaby Massimo Viola (20 followers)

In the XV-XVII centuries, the small Mantua was one of the most refined and cultured courts in Europe, thanks to the Gonzaga, who ruled the city according to the humanistic ideals. In 1460 Ludovico Gonzaga called at his...

2 Famous Paintings of Pino Daeniby Better Yourself (222 followers)

Pino Art is a snapshot of a moment in time. Pino has an uncanny ability to blend colors seamlessly together and yet expressing the subject as the main focal point of the composition.

EDITOR'S CHOICE35 National Gallery (Washington, D.C.)by Daisy Mariposa (738 followers)

Artists learn to paint by studying paintings. They go to museums to "study" paintings, not just "look at" them.

Read more about this subject, and view parodies created by the author of five...

2 Art and Culture: Piet Mondrian's "Blue, White, and Yellow"by cdub77 (179 followers)

The world of visual art has

developed a large divide from its previous self since the inception of

photography. Since realism was no longer

a concern as painters were replaced by cameras for portraits, artists...

4 The Van Eyck Cryptogramby The Flemish Primitives (243 followers)

According to the Dutch scholar and artist Peter Voorn, the famous Ghent Altarpiece - also known as the Mystic Lamb - painted by Flemish Primitives Jan and Hubert Van Eyck is filled with crypto-iconography...

6 Fascinating Facts About Ten Famous Paintingsby aprilsemogan (17 followers)

Famous paintings of world renowned artists are indeed priceless and contain interesting little-known facts that are worth exploring. Read through the article to see what lie behind these masterpieces.

94 Edvard Munch's "The Scream"by Daisy Mariposa (738 followers)

This article explains why the main figure in Norwegian artist Edvard Munch's "The Scream" is screaming.

1 The Lover's Twisted Tale: Rene Magritteby jadeddragon (11 followers)

Art has been a part of the human experience for thousands of years. An artist creates for many reasons but there is always a meaning for it. That meaning varies upon the individual viewing it. Life experiences and...

73 Jack Vettriano's The Singing Butler - Analysisby Ashok Rajagopalan (1,071 followers)

Twenty years ago, a struggling actress attended a photoshoot with other models in a London Studio. The shoot was for reference pictures for The Illustrator's Figure Reference Manual, a collection to be used by artists...

39 Salvador Dali's Christ of Saint John of the Cross - Analysisby Ashok Rajagopalan (1,071 followers)

The 16th century Spanish mystic St John of the Cross had a vision that he had translated onto paper. He had drawn the crucifxion from an unusual angle and when Salvador Dali saw this drawing, he was inspired. The Christ...

0 Bacchus in the Mirror of Caravaggioby Massimo Viola (20 followers)

Caravaggio had a deep impact on the way of seeing and painting. His Bacchus and the other subjects of his early works are mysterious and innovative...

2 Fernando Botero, Great Colombian Artistby Ayelet (9 followers)

Many people can recognize the plump people in Fernando Botero's work, but do they really know why he painted in the way he did? And it had nothing to do with obesity! Read more...

EDITOR'S CHOICE90 What is a Parody?by Daisy Mariposa (738 followers)

Parodies are works created by artists or writers that imitate or ridicule another's creation in an amusing way.

Read more about the different types of parodies and have fun looking at some examples that both...

2 Were Illustrators of the Golden Age Racists?by Ken Laird Studios (48 followers)

Even before the 1960s and the Civil Rights movement, American illustration has continuously been under attack for described negative depictions of African-Americans. Many images have been misconstrued as racist in...

21Video Prado Museum (Madrid, Spain)by Daisy Mariposa (738 followers)

The Prado Museum (Museo del Prado) in Madrid, Spain is one of the most notable in the world. The museum houses the richest and most complete collection of Spanish paintings that exists anywhere.

7 El Greco - Spain's First Great Master Artistby Suzette Walker (640 followers)

Surprisingly, Spain's first great painter of notice was not even Spanish at all, but Greek. But, the Spanish have adopted Domenikos Theotokopoulas as their own "son" even though he was born on the island of...

40 Monet and the Lady in the Gardenby ladyjane1 (1,164 followers)

Lady in the Garden Claude Monet 1840-1926 One afternoon as my husband and I went to the nearby gardens in Russia. There was a fantastic atmosphere, just like in Antonioni's film, Blow-Up, where...

0 The Top 5 Kisses...in Art!by EunieVerse (1 follower)

A kiss is not just a kiss. You can tell so much about a person from a kiss and here we have 5 different artists' takes on the subject.

EDITOR'S CHOICE39 Louvre Museum (Paris, France)by Daisy Mariposa (738 followers)

Take a virtual tour of the Muse du Louvre (Louvre Museum) in Paris, France, which contains some of the most important art in the world.

0 Dog Paintings: The Story Behind The Famous Piecesby Pet Artist (6 followers)

It has been widely used in plenty of venues. You can confidently say that this masterpiece is somewhat in a class all by itself, meaning that it is unlike the other dog painting portraits.

0 The Story Behind the Painting American Gothic, Jezabelby michelleonly3 (52 followers)

Sometimes we think of cats as being lazy creatures that lay about without thought for their owners or surroundings; this was not true of Jezebel. Everyday just before dawn Jezebel would enter the home of Francis and...

11 Buy Van Gogh Paintingsby Haunty (743 followers)

Reproductions of original Van Gogh paintings have never been more popular with the public and today they are available at a reasonable price. It is not surprising that they are so sought-after, because...

30 The Last Supper : Learn composition from Leonardo Davinciby Ashok Rajagopalan (1,071 followers)

The Last Supper - Leonardo Da Vinci 1. The Position of Jesus

Jesus is placed right at the centre of the picture. Naturally your eye will fall on the central figure. He is also framed by the window to form a separate...

58 National Gallery (London, England)by Daisy Mariposa (738 followers)

Located in London, England, the National Gallery was founded in 1824. Read about the gallery and view some of the paintings in its collection.

18 Pablo Picasso's The Rest - Analysisby Ashok Rajagopalan (1,071 followers)

I can't analyse this picture. I can't tell you why these strokes of pigment on canvas combine to create an ambience of sensousness and vulnerability, why this is visual poetry, a visual song, one that bypasses my brain...

EDITOR'S CHOICE48 American Gothic (Grant Wood): Painting Parodyby Daisy Mariposa (738 followers)

In the 1920s in the United States, there was a small group of painters who didn't agree with the art establishment that abstract was "in" and realism was "out." They believed that realism was...

8 My Favourite Painting Right Nowby Azure11 (249 followers)

Everyone has their favourite painting and although I can count a few as top in my estimation, this is my favourite painting right now.

38 Judith and her Maidservant - Analysisby Ashok Rajagopalan (1,071 followers)

Artemisia was a feminist. When they thought a woman couldn't do serious subjects, she did. And probably that's why, instead of doing pretty women or flowers or scenery, she tackled gruesome themes. I don't know. She...

10 Disturbing Images in Western Art: Goya and Daumierby watcher by night (67 followers)

"Saturn Devouring His Children" by Goya at disturbing images. Take the one above, "Saturn Devouring His Children", by Francisco Goya. One of a dark-themed series done by Goya in his...

7 Thomas Kinkade Lighthouseby Peaches and Cream (34 followers)

Thomas Kinkade has mentioned more than once his love for lighthouses, and I've included below a number of paintings Kinkade has done through the years of lighthouses he was inspired by in visits he made to various...

25 Leighton's Flaming June - Analysis of a paintingby Ashok Rajagopalan (1,071 followers)

Can you imagine a ball of fire at rest? Oxymoronish, but that's what the subject of the painting is. Is this picture dynamic or static? It is obviously a subject of serenity and repose, but why is it titled that way? My...

33 Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, Netherlands)by Daisy Mariposa (738 followers)

The Rijksmuseum's building in Amsterdam, Netherlands is one of the few, and one of the first in Europe, to have been built expressly as a museum.

2 Paintings of Thomas Kinkadeby Peaches and Cream (34 followers)

Thomas Kinkade seems to have touched on a variety of subject matter through his numerous paintings, and the vast majority of those are recognizable for his unique style.

Included below are a number of Kinkade's...

10 A QUICK TOUR OF RAJA RAVI VARMA'S PAINTINGSby spicegal (22 followers)

Raja Ravi Varma (1848-1906) is one of the most famous of the Indian painters. He was born in Kilimanoor Palace in Kerala to Umamba Thampuratti and Neelakandan Bhattathiripad. His talent was first noticed by his Uncle...

38 ROBERT DUNCAN PAINTINGSby Granny's House (496 followers)

When I first saw these paintings, I thought they are so good it is hard to tell if some of them are paintings or photos. The paintings are truely some of the best I have ever seen. It gave me goose bumps when I...

1 famous animal paintingsby famous drawings (3 followers)

From the start of humanity, men always had a special relationship with animals. This shows in the many famous cave paintings where animals play an important part. In the caves of Lasceaux for instance, bulls, horses and...

0 Tres Bien Art Exibitionby Pam Morris (3 followers)

I have always had the eye and the passion for art, especially paintings. I was lucky enough to get to study art in my childhood years, but, unfortunately, art was the only thing missing from my adult life. It is in my...

78 New secrets found in Da Vinci's Last Supper paintingby tedmartinsd (2 followers)

The news of a fresh secret being found in Leonardo Da Vinci's painting, The Last Supper, is flying around the world. Supposedly a computer analyst made a reverse image of the painting, then superimposed it on the...