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Good Alternatives to Tack Cloth

Alternatives to tack cloth

Tack cloth is a rag which is used for cleaning wood or any surface before painting or staining. It is a bit sticky material, which is why it gathers all the dust, but can leave a residue on the surface or make your hands sticky....

How to Make Purple Paint

Tip to make purple paint

While working on a painting, you suddenly find that you are missing the appropriate shade of purple for your project. Your best solution, in such a situation, is to know how to mix other colors on the pallet to get the perfect...

Tips to Use Acrylic Paint on Glass

Tip to use acrylic paint on glass

Beautifying glass items, such as ordinary ornaments, vases, and bowls, with acrylic paints is a fairly easy job that provides great results. In this Buzzle article, we will look at the best ways to use and maintain acrylic paint on...

How to Get a Painting Contractor's License in California

Steps to get a painting contractor's license in California

A painting contractor's license is a legal requirement in all states, without which you will not be able to render your painting services. The Buzzle article here will tell you how to get a painting contractor's license in...

Tips for Hiring the Right Painting Contractor

Tips to hire a painting contractor

Hiring the right painting contractor brings you one step closer to transforming your house into your dream home. Buzzle helps you take that step with this guide on picking the right person for the job.

Ways to Clean Paintbrushes

How to clean paintbrushes

You must have invested a lot in buying expensive and high quality brushes in order to make flawless paintings. But, if these brushes are not cleaned properly, your investment will go in vain. Find out some simple methods which will...

How to Make Your Paintbrushes Last Longer

How to make your paintbrushes last longer

Many a time, we have to throw out our paintbrushes because they have gotten too stiff, or their bristles have fallen off. Those who paint, know that good quality brushes don't come cheap. Given in this write-up are tips on how to...

Types of Paintbrushes and Their Uses

Paintbrush types

Planning to take up an art class? You better get acquainted with the types of brushes that are needed to get you started. Take a look at the brushes mentioned in this Buzzle article, to gain insight on the types and their...

Fabric Paint Designs

Four different fabric paint patterns

Are you searching for some unique fabric painting designs to beautify a plain piece of fabric? Here are some amazing design ideas which you can use while painting your t-shirts, bags, furnishings or other fabrics.

Common Paint Problems and How to Fix Them

A poor paint job, eventually, often leaves the house looking old and dilapidated. While none of us would like the beauty of our homes to be sacrificed due to peeling paint, it is one of the most common problems that grip...

How to Remove Old Paint from Interior Walls

Removing old paint from walls is a job with its inherent risks. There are, however, safe ways to remove it. This Buzzle article provides some useful tips that will help you remove old paint and get your walls looking fresh again.

Wild Animal Art

Having been discovered in the form of cave paintings and carvings since the prehistoric era, wild animal art is not something new to us. Let's explore the ancient as well as modern forms of this art.

How to Paint Aluminum Siding

When you look at the peeled, cracked and faded paint of aluminum siding, you feel upset. Do not worry and cheer up. The solution is to apply some paint on it.

Ideas for Painting Terra Cotta Flower Pots

Gardening and decorating your home can be fun for many of you. But what could be more exciting than adding your personal touch to the whole look? Here are a few useful tips and ideas to paint your terra cotta flower pots.

Painting Popcorn Ceiling

Painting a popcorn ceiling can have a visually stunning effect on a room's ambiance. These ceilings give a unique texture to a living room. Painting them only enhances their beauty. Read on, to know all about painting them.

Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas

A tray ceiling is a recessed or an inverted ceiling that looks like an upside-down serving tray. Scroll down to learn about tray ceiling paint ideas and designs.

Paint Brands

Read this article to know all about the most popular and effective paint brands that can help add charm to your interiors and exteriors. Read on...

How to Use a Paint Roller Like a Pro

Rollers are pretty easy to use, and you can complete your work faster using a roller. If you want to improve the quality of your paint jobs, you should read the following article.

A Few Thoughts On the Psychology of Painting

The thought and attitude that go behind painting lead to an imitation of reality that creates art in unique ways. Read more about the psychology of painting from this article.

How to Paint a Guitar

A majority of guitar players opt to paint their guitar themselves. They do it just because it would give their guitar a different and unique appearance...

Encaustic Painting Tips and Techniques

For years, painting has been an expressive art, and this art has its many faces with the different painting techniques used. Encaustic painting is yet another beautiful style of painting, we have described the formation and skills...

Fabric Painting Techniques

If you have learned how to paint on fabric, then perhaps knowing about the different fabric painting techniques will help you take your passion even further. Read the following article as we talk about the various techniques of...

Fabric Painting Tips

Fabric paints are a great tool to create your own unique styles and designs on your clothes and bags. Follow the article and learn some tips to create your own fabric paintings.

How to Heat Set Fabric Paint

Fabric painting is an interesting way to jazz up any plain garment. But to keep the fabric paint from running out after a wash, you need to heat set it. In this article, we will discuss all about heat setting and how to heat set...

Landscape Painting Techniques

Painting landscapes is a great way to give a boost to your artistic skills. Here we present you the best landscape painting techniques that you can choose from. Read on...

Painting Ideas for Kids

Which kid does not like colors? Introduce your kid to the world of painting with these different ideas. Give his creativity free rein and allow him to make artwork that will make him happy and you very proud.

How to Make Whitewash Paint

Whitewash paint is a normal type of paint, which has been used for hundreds of years. This paint is inexpensive, and you can make it yourself by following a simple recipe.

How to Paint Plastic

Wish to give a new look to your plastic furniture? Follow these tips on plastic painting to get the desired effect.

Enamel Paint

Enamel paint is used to cover delicate surfaces such as wood and glass pieces to protect them from damage. This coating is strong and very durable. This section gives more information on enamel paints.

Appliance Paint

Sometimes you are tempted to replace old appliances just because they've developed scratches and don't look as nice anymore. Some coats of paint can help hide these scratches and make your device feel brand new. This article...

Water-based Paint

Thinking of painting the house? Stuck between choosing water-based and oil-based paint? Here are some pointers that will help you in the task...

How to Paint a Bike

Do you want to give a new look to that bike you have owned for years? Painting it would be the easiest way to give it a makeover. We tell you exactly how to do that.

Splatter Painting Techniques

If you want to fill life in your paintings and give them a different appeal, paint splattering could do the trick. This article describes some of the best splatter painting techniques.

Canvas Painting for Beginners

This article provides some simple information on canvas painting for novices. For painting on a canvas one needs certain tools and materials, without which the painting cannot come into existence.

Atmospheric Perspective

Atmospheric perspective is the effect which the atmosphere puts on any object which is viewed from a distance. This effect can also be generated by the painters or artists with the help of various colors. Find more about this...

How to Apply Latex Paint Over Oil Paint

Painting is a fun thing to do, especially if you know what you're doing and which techniques can change the way a wall looks, instantly. Let's take a look at one such technique of how to apply latex paint over oil paint.

Texture Painting Techniques

Using textures in paintings implies an immense stretching of your imaginative mind. There are broad texture painting techniques that can be molded in different forms.

Portrait Painting Techniques

Portrait painting is as old and retro as the art of painting and has successfully evolved ever since, dynamically gaining new dimensions every single day. Man has, forever, been fascinated about preserving his identity for everyone...

Sponge Painting Techniques

Getting a hang of sponge painting techniques is great because with this technique one can at any time change the look of a dull room to a fresh, exciting one. Sponge painting is a very simple painting technique that can be easily...

How to Spray Paint Art

Spray painting is a method by which painting is done through air using certain devices. You can experiment with and experience this form of art by following simple instructions on how to spray paint art mentioned in this article.

Abstract Expressionism Art

Abstract Expressionism Art was the first art movement that had its base in America. The following article provides more information regarding this subject.

How to Stretch a Canvas

Painters will be familiar with the idea that stretching canvas on a frame can be a tedious job. Read the following Buzzle article for some easy steps.

Ceiling Painting Tips

Painting a ceiling is an easy task when you know the right way to do it. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to paint a ceiling yourself.

Restoration Hardware Paint

After we have used our home for many years, we suddenly realize one fine day, that the house has lost its original charm. Well, this situation can be pretty disturbing, especially if you love your house. One of the best ways to...

Glass Painting Tips

Glass painting kits comprising glass paints and outliners, are easily available in stores today. The art of glass painting is not very complicated to learn, which is why it has become an interesting hobby across the globe.

Instructions for Painting Over Wallpaper

Painting over wallpaper is a good option to redecorate a room. However, without the right guidance the job may look shoddy. Here are some instructions for painting over wallpaper in the correct way.

Significance of Lascaux Cave Paintings

Lascaux is located in south-west France. The site has earned international fame as a tourist hot-spot for its prehistoric cave paintings. Situated near the village of Montignac, the Paleolithic art is estimated to be a good 15,000...

Nose Art

Nose art is nothing but a few quotations, pictures, or even a catchy name described on the nose of the aircraft.

On Art Appreciation

On art appreciation from the point of view of the artist. It talks about the five categories of viewers and raises questions on what do we define as art.

Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation is about understanding the meaning of artwork and forming your opinions on it.